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The Bakken success story has continued into 2014, with the latest data showing that wells in the region are now producing over a million barrels of oil per day. However, operators are increasingly aware that with the productivity rate of Bakken wells shown to decline by an average of 70% in the first year, it is vital that they optimize the production phase of their operations if this explosive growth is to be sustained.

Operators in the region therefore increasingly need to know which artificial lift techniques and chemical treatments are working best in the Bakken to cost-effectively maximize production rates.

Building on the sell-out success of the first event in the series, the 2nd Annual Bakken Artificial Lift & Production Optimization Congress 2014 will again bring together Bakken's leading E&Ps for the only dedicated congress for production professionals in the Bakken, focusing on artificial lift, chemical treatments & production optimization.

Featuring a totally revamped agenda for 2014, the event this year will present 20+ brand new case studies based on work done in the last year. Speakers will be examining technical solutions for reducing failure rates, maximizing productivity & improving run times by optimizing artificial lift design & chemical treatments for Bakken wells & overcoming challenges relating to sand control, gas interference & wellbore deviation.

Day 1 will feature spotlight sessions on each type of artificial lift technique that is having success in the Bakken, including rod pumps, gas lift, ESPs and jet pumps and explain how they can be used to maximize the productivity in the play. It will also examine how the latest chemical treatments are being applied to mitigate corrosion in both downhole and surface equipment to reduce failure rates.

Day 2 will then provide detailed solutions for choke management and EOR strategies, electrical infrastructure for artificial lift, gas gathering and utilization and minimizing gas flaring.

In 2 packed days of content, key areas of focus will include:

ARTIFICIAL LIFT SELECTION & OPTIMIZATION: Comparing different artificial lift techniques on how successful they are in reducing failure rates and maximizing run times in the Bakken and examining specific advances in optimizing:

  • Gas Lift
  • Rod Pumps
  • ESPs
  • Jet Pumps

CHEMICAL TREATMENTS & CORROSION CONTROL: Evaluating which chemical inhibitors are leading the way in controlling corrosion of both down hole and surface equipment to reduce failures rates in the Bakken

SCALE FORMATION: Analyzing treatments for preventing scale formation on pumps & down hole equipment to quantify which have the most practical impact on reducing operational cost & increasing production

GAS FLARING: Meeting regulatory requirements through reduced gas flaring and effective water disposal strategies

Post Event


Featuring brand new case studies on production optimization from E&Ps in the Bakken...

...based on work done in the last year, this year's Bakken Artificial Lift & Production Optimization Congress will feature a totally revamped agenda, provide fresh data on how operators can select and optimize artificial lift techniques and chemical treatments for Bakken wells.  To reflect the rapidly changing demands of the industry, the content of this year's agenda will now feature:

  • INCREASED FOCUS ON ROD PUMPS: To reflect the continued dominance of rod pumps and growing usage of gas lift in the Bakken, the event this year will have an increased focus on optimizing these artificial lift techniques in addition to spotlight sessions on gas lift, jet pumps and ESPs
  • NEW CHEMICAL TREATMENTS PANEL: Due to attendee demand, there will be an increased focus on chemical treatments in addition to artificial lift, including a special chemical treatments panel featuring representatives from Hess, Anadarko, Halcon Resources and Legacy Reserves
  • EXPANDED FOCUS ON CHOKE MANAGEMENT: This year's agenda will also have individual sessions on dealing with choke management to understand the specific solutions for each that can deliver reduced failure rates, improved run times and increased productivity
  • GAS FLARING  AND ELECTRICITY INFRASTRUCTURE: To ensure that the agenda covers all of the key issues facing production professionals in the Bakken, this year's event will supplement the usual focus on artificial lift and chemical treatments with additional sessions focusing on solutions for reducing gas flaring and utilizing gas to give attendees all the tools needed to meet evolving regulatory requirements


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